Power Your Marine Adventures With Superior Marine Batteries

Looking for the best deep cycle marine batteries, lithium boat batteries, marine cranking andstarting batteriesthat meet your specifications and bu

Chargers & Inverters

Get high-quality marine battery chargers and inverters at Battery Town Marine. We bring you chargers from all the leading brands that offer you quick charging and prolonged battery life. Shop today!

Marine Electrical Wiring

Marine electrical is more than just batteries - the harsh marine environment can play havoc with your marine wiring.

Commercial, Industrial, Fleet

Battery Town Marine’s marine technicians know their way around all boats - including commercial vessels such as fishing vessels - and importantly t


In need of repair, calibration, or upgrade to your marine navigation systems? 


Looking to turn up the volume on your marine entertainment systems?

Electrical Warrant of Fitness

Connecting your vessel to a mains power supply in New Zealand, for example at your marina berth? 

Maritime NZ Electrical Survey & Electrical Design Approval

New Zealand law provides that all commercial vessels must go into an approved survey plan for the safety of the vesse