Bosch batteries
Bosch batteries are specifically designed for a range of marine applications that require frequent charge and discharge cycles, in order to perform under extreme conditions.
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An iconic brand of marine batteries from the world’s best battery manufacturers - trusted by New Zealand’s marine electricians for more than 30 years.
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Lifeline Batteries are America's most trusted and best manufacturer of AGM Deep Cycle Marine Batteries.
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Known around the globe for their high technology and uniquely styled cylindrical battery designs, OPTIMA technology is highly regarded and thoroughly proven in high performance applications, such as powerboat racing and extreme vehicle and engine applications.
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Remco batteries are a premium AGM Deep Cycle battery - now with proven Lead Carbon technology as used by multiple branches of New Zealand’s emergency services.
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Varta batteries for motorboats provide exceptional power - because the more advanced the motorboats are, the higher the demands of the battery are.
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