Toyota is one of the most respected brands in New Zealand, with this recognition comes a natural attraction for the best people to join us. We have extensive training programs that ensure our team develop into trusted fleet advisers while following the Toyota Kaizen strategy where all Toyota employees work together to continually improve the way we do things. This underlying investment in our people provides a very stable workforce and helps us to build long standing relationships with our clients where we understand your business and are able to make valued contributions to your success.

We encourage and support our talented Toyota Fleet Management team to continually strive to do great things for our customers.
All members of our team have strong fleet management capability, technical skills and academic qualifications. We all take personal responsibility for our performance and continually work to identify opportunities that enhance the performance of your business.

Your dedicated fleet management expert will work alongside you as they gain an understanding of your business from your perspective. They will listen to your priorities and objectives, allowing them to align our fleet management services to deliver a superior, more responsive, consistent experience for you.