J.A.G Marine are mobile Marine Electricians specializing in Marine and RV DC electrical systems, electronics and wiring. Having worked in and around the marine industry in the Wellington and Marlborough regions for 20 plus years, there is a wealth of experience on hand.
We have seen over the years the enhancements in new designs and technology in marine electrical systems in battery management, split charging systems, charging systems, and designs in new battery technology, and with all this we can offer advice and expertise in many marine electrical areas.
We pride ourselves in our neatness in laying out electrical cabling and wiring in new or existing vessels as this is, and can be a safety issue if electrical runs are unsecured or ran incorrectly. We often see in older electrical systems wiring and cables that have been added on and added on over the years, so a tidy-up and/or re-wire is called for to ensure the electrical systems are safe.

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